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A Message From the Webmaster

ESTO DIGNUS.COM is the Webmaster's corner. This is the place where the webmaster makes any announcements concerning the Squiresite. Visit this page every time you visit the Squiresite.

Basic Info For Navigating the Squiresite Network

The Squiresite has two sections: a Members Only section and a Public Access section. The Members Only pages are those pages in the Squiresite network which have a black background. The Public Access pages have a white background. Members Only pages include MOAB, the on-line address book, websquire, the webmaster's new(look)sletter, and the main page which links all the Members Only sites. There is also an on-line New(look)sletter published by the chief squire. That page is updated the weekend after a circle event. The Public Access section contains a main page and an FAQ.

Websquire Update Info

UPDATED: 11/26/97

1. Ravi will be composing a hard copy of the on-line address book. Visit MOAB at

2. Knightvision is presently being built. Drop by the construction site at

Squiresite Links

Members Only Main Page
Squiresite Main Page
The Webmaster's Main E-mail Provider
The Squiresite's E-mail Provider
The Chief Squire's E-mail Provider

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